My Trip to Occupy Wall Street – Why I’m Really Here

We. Are.  The 99%! (And so are you!)

That’s what I heard legendary Reverend Billy Talen sing at #occupywallstreet during my journey to the heart of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  It’s now a common chant at the marches up and down Wall Street.  The “so are you” is what got me out here.

Forget about the whining about not having a clear demand that you hear from the media and the actual occupiers, who share the same criticism.  They’re there all for the same reason — they are disgusted by banking’s control of our government, and they want to see either major reforms or see the system dismantled and rebuilt. The real problem though, is bigger than capitalism, bigger than the banks, bigger than Obama’s failures.

However, few know it ultimately boils down to this: We have a growth-based economy, dependent on infinite resources on a finite planet.  With only so much oil, soil, clean water, coal, natural gas, etc., it can’t grow forever.  Many feel we are now at the peak extraction rate of all these resources, so now it’s a matter of getting ready to adapt to the change.

That’s the message I’m bringing out here, that I hope gets its message into the mind of the movement, asap. Thank you, occupiers, for starting — continuing — a movement we’ve needed for a long time.

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