UPDATE: Activist Abby Turns Media Against Big Plastic’s Bill

This is an update from our last post on Abby Goldberg’s success. I’ll make a full web page about this story soon enough, but want to update you on the success of the campaign.

Abby made CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and all the rest of the news when she burst past 154,000 signatures. They covered Abby delivering them to the governor’s office, and many captured her surprise to see Governor Quinn himself waiting to receive them. The delivery was highly orchestrated to best capture the story in still photographs, as we knew there was a chance the final videos wouldn’t make it online.

Abby’s petition is now over 156,500 signatures, and will put increasing pressure on the governor with each signature. He probably doesn’t need any further urging — his act of personally receiving the signatures and the seven-minute interactive speech he gave, which his staff posted on his own youtube channel, were enough to strongly indicate he’ll be siding with Abby. To put himself front and center in front of the spectacle and then vote against Abby — for the chemical industry — would be politically insane.

Soon, I’ll encourage her to work with some of the fantastic folks and amazing activist tools at Causes.com to turn her petition into a movement. She’s already setting a precedent for encouraging other kids to demand a plastic bag ban in their neighborhoods — Change.org is starting to see a huge surge in anti-plastic-bag petitions!

More to come…

Abby won! She garnered over 174,000 signatures, breaking the record for environmental petition signatures and the night before the governor’s historic vote, he called Abby at home to tell her he was going to veto the bill.

Here she is on CNN Headline News!

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