What Happens When YouTube Starts A FOOD FIGHT

You can find out more about the video on the main Food Fight page.

Here’s an article by a blogger who found the video by accident; love it.

At first I wasnt sure if it was a song, a public service announcement or what, but as soon as the beat dropped… Edutainment unfolded before my very ears and eyes. By the end of the video – linked campaign – I found myself sharing FOOD FIGHT ahead of sharing my own material! It evoked and stirred me to action like good edutainment should do. The fact that all the “call-to-action” links were right there embedded and super imposed on the screen made it that much easier to separate this movement from the pack of “do good music” from the “good music doing good” elites.

On March 2 at 11:38 am I shared. The immediate feedback I got on facebook proved I was right. They commented, we discussed, then they shared. Then more watched, commented, discussed and then they shared… The synergy was in action. This was definitely striking a nerve with the masses. Viral was eminent.

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