How To Make Your Eco Green Environmental Video Go Viral

…besides just optimizing the url and title?

Here’s an oldie but a goodie about how organizations can get their green messages out to more people.  Essentially, if you want to get your environmental and progressive videos out there, the key is to think about your message before you even write it… do your best to hide the message!

This approach to getting out eco messages to a viral audience was detailed in an eco TV site, with this article about Plastic State of Mind, after its release. Click here to read the whole thing.  And let me know if I can help you out in any way directly.

P.S. Follow my advice, and I guarantee the chances of your video going viral will increase  ten fold — from .2% to 2%!  If you don’t like those odds, you might want to spend your time and money by targeting your audience – people who can give you the change you need.

What mistakes have you made in working with this kind of media?

Ben:Making pieces too direct. People don’t like things that are too preachy, that tell them what to do – “Look, here’s the message, plastic bags are killing our environment, you should really stop.” Well, ya, duh. What you’re doing is really, really bad. People don’t want to hear what they really need to hear.

So the way to work around that is to get people where they are – get people where they are already doing something fun – something cute, for babies, for sex, for music. That’s how I try to fix that mistake.

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