Sustainability Messages Hidden In “Status Pending” – Premiering at Cinequest

We’ve been pretty quiet over the last few years on this blog, as I was working a new approach to getting messages of the environmental crisis out to wider audiences.

Status Pending is a feature film shot in New Zealand, ostensibly about the influence of social media in our life choices. Lizzie, an indecisive millennial, must decide by the end of the day whether she will travel the world, or invest in a career and her Tinder boyfriend Ryan… which choice makes the better Facebook profile? 

Yet, hidden under the surface is a question about the sustainability of the suburban lifestyle. Ryan has just made a decision to settle down, starting with a web search for “stability.”  He is shocked to find that in an environmental crisis growing so fast, there’s no such thing as stability, other than internally, and through the connections between people and the land.

I’m hoping that sneaking these messages and questions into a traditional genre – outside the traditional format where these messages are normally conveyed – will open these conversations to wider audiences.

We are ecstatic to have our World Premiere at Cinequest, which is apt; we’re debuting a critique of technology and social media in the heart of Silicon Valley, so close to my last home of Sonoma County.

Please follow the film on Facebook, or various social media links seen here, and come see the film at Cinequest.

– Ben Zolno, Founder New Message Media

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