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How To Make Your Eco Green Environmental Video Go Viral

…besides just optimizing the url and title? Here’s an oldie but a goodie about how organizations can get their green messages out to more people.  Essentially, if you want to get your environmental and progressive videos out there, the key … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Activist Abby Turns Media Against Big Plastic’s Bill

The delivery of 154,000 signatures was highly orchestrated to best capture the story in still photographs, as we knew there was a chance the final videos wouldn’t make it online. Continue reading

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David and Goliath: Our Story of Activist Abby vs. Big Plastic

The solution to getting people internationally to join Abby in her small town’s fight was the same solution we always use. Story. To craft a story that’s gotten more attention on an environmental issue than has had in a long time, we had to take a classic theme and add a few modern twists. Continue reading

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Benign Violation – Key to Connecting With Your Audience

Essentially, if your piece violates the viewer’s norm — takes them out of his/her world and questions it for a moment — that person’s brain perks up, takes notice, and pays attention. If your message is compelling, that same listener will be so grateful for the experience they’ll want others to feel the same sensation, by sharing you message and video. Continue reading

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Fundraising – Teaching Environmental and Agricultural Memories

T.E.A.M. is a recent project of Gold Ridge RCD, a nation-leading agricultural land conservancy and education center, geared teaching public school kids the link between responsible agriculture and natural-systems restoration. In a time when basic science is being cut out … Continue reading

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My Trip to Occupy Wall Street – Why I’m Really Here

We. Are.  The 99%! (And so are you!) That’s what I heard legendary Reverend Billy Talen sing at #occupywallstreet during my journey to the heart of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  It’s now a common chant at the marches up … Continue reading

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Art of Community Conference – The Clean and The Dirty

Research shows that people kind of don’t care about really important things that can change their life forever, if it’s just given to them straight. So I made this promo for the Art of Community conference in September a little… … Continue reading

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Ben Zolno on The UpTake at Netroots Nation 2011 #nn11

This is I trying to make sense after being on my feet for 10 hours on 3 hours of sleep, so you may notice me slipping in and out of consciousness. Continue reading

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iStockphoto’s New Promo Offer

As you may know by now, iStock has a pretty decent selection for stock images; it’s really helpful when making a video you need to get out quickly. Once you sort out the cheesiness and clear the coffee out of … Continue reading

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FlashMobs Get Major Views for Environmental Films

PSOM was written as a “flash mob”, originally, but we didn’t have the resources. But if we did… would it have gotten 1,136,033 views in 20 days? Inspiring…

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