Here are a few folks I work with; I recommend them, highly.

The Producers Loft
This top-of-the-line/mom and pop operation goes the extra mile in every way. This sound/photo studio, complete with green screen and white cyc, dressing rooms, large kitchen and full amenities, is a dream shooting environment. They adjust what they can offer based on your budget, and always treat you like you’re flying first class. I especially love the soft spot in their heart for productions good for Earthkind. I have worked with them twice so far, on Prop 23, and just recently for a video for AshEl “Seasunz” Eldridge’s Global WarNing and Food Fight.

Post Carbon Institute
These guys are all about sounding the siren, blowing the whistle and rounding up the lifeboats. Their board boasts top experts on climate change, peak oil, peak resources and sustainability, all working toward the goal of saving our behinds in the most sustainable way. And they’re cool; they’re not afraid to go funny to promote their work… just ask Oprah.

California Climate and Agriculture Network (CalCAN)
So, if we just stop driving our Hummers, won’t our greenhouse gas problems go away? Not exactly… not at all. At least 50% of the carbon and methane problem we have is from soil depletion, factory farming and other modern agricultural disasters.  Interestingly enough, ag is also one of our best hopes for solving the problem. CalCAN bridges the gap between scientists, regulators, and farmers, helping move climate solutions from academia to the farm, figuring how to help the planet, while also exploring new issues farmers face in a world where climate patterns become increasingly more difficult to predict.

Here’s a piece on carbon farming from their annual conference in Davis, CA, as well as a piece we did together, highlighting the evolutionary work of sustainability-oriented Straus Family Creamery.

More to come.

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