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The reason the public is so hesitant to spend our funds on the environment is that we have no concept of how the destruction of nature leads to the destruction of humans. Given an assignment to “cover” this historical event, we chose to bring out the story behind what healthy ecosystems mean for this land – before logging, during its time hosting a resort community, and on into its future.

Tear Down This Dam
Camp Meeker was created as a swimming-hole community in the early 1900′s, but when authorities concerned about their dam’s ecological impact shut down a few years ago, the community had to reexamine its connection to the land and decide to rebuild a place good for both fish and people. But they never imagined the problems they’d run into…
This was a film used to inspire and inform towns that are considering taking down their dams, and to let the funders of the project know where their dollars went.
*If you’re an eco geek and want full details of the project, watch the twenty-two minute version.
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