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New Message Media affects policy change by making films for the policymaker directly, with the story of why that policymaker should vote your way. We believe focusing our message on the people with the most power to change these issues will lead us to the greatest degree of change.

Here are few stories of how these packages were made, wrapped, and delivered.

Direct Appeal for Environmental Policy
The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors was set to vote on whether to sell their waste system to an Arizona-based corporation that would scrap most of the county’s recycling programs, in order to avoid an $10 million cost of fixing a leak. While 99% of the calls supervisors received were against the sale for environmental reasons, the swing-vote policymaker was concerned about the economics.

I worked with non-profit Conservation Action over the course of three days to research, write, shoot, edit and deliver a two-minute film about the economic impact of the move. We made sure he saw it, then sent it out to all concerned citizens in the area, many of whom sent it to him as well. We won.

Parody to Protect Wildlife Habitat
The California Tiger Salamander is one of many endangered species in the US, and in just one example of the Bush administration’s gutting of environmental protection, this salamander’s final habitat was set for revocation. New Message Media worked with the WATER Institute and Center for Biological Diversity to craft a message to send to the California Fish and Game Commission to convince them to renew their habitat. The film was seen by several thousand scientists, students and concerned citizens, who also sent it to the commission. We won.

Background Check to Affect Energy Policy
Peak oil, though rarely discussed, may be the greatest challenge we face as a species; our food, transportation and the rest of our stuff is entirely dependent on fossil fuels. Requested by a senator who had only heard about peak oil in passing, this is a film Ben made with the Post Carbon Institute.

Grassroots Campaigning for David vs. Goliath Battles
An energy monopoly tried to trick Californians into voting away their communities’ right to offer cleaner, cheaper energy — to compete with PG&E — by spending between $46 million and $50 million of their customer’s money on a traditional one-way TV and mailer barrage to push their “Taxpayer’s Right to Vote”.   Our campaign, not keen to fight a flame thrower with a candle, decided to work around them by creating a good story to (as seen on KGO-ABC) and create buzz. As One Million Strong Against Prop 16, with One Millionth the Budget of PG&E our campaign pledged to spend one millionth of PG&E’s budget on a multi-way social media discussion, making our work seem as amateur as possible, to convince one million voters to vote against it.
We won, ecstatic to be part of a win with the largest differential in spending between two campaigns in California proposition history.

A taste of earned media from this campaign…

Apart from policy change films, we do other work for non-profits geared toward getting people involved in a more politically active and sustainable lifestyle. Let us know what your vision is, and we’ll work together to make it happen.

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