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Some organizations are just one video away from being able to show exactly what they have to offer.

Fundraising – Getting Science Back In Schools
T.E.A.M. is a recent project of Gold Ridge RCD, a nation-leading agricultural land conservancy and education center, geared teaching public school kids the link between responsible agriculture and natural-systems restoration. In a time when basic science is being cut out of schools, this video is used by Gold Ridge RCD to make sure funding for such innovative programs keeps coming in.

Here is the sequel, focusing on new aspects of the program…

TEAM 2013 from Gold Ridge RCD on Vimeo.

What is OAEC?
Occidental Arts & Ecology Center has 10 fully-developed programs, each worth of its own short documentary.  We made two films — a seven-minute live-action film and 90-second, still-based film.  Different films with different audiences and different asks.

Here’s the live-action one.  It’s used as an informational film and has been very helpful in converting potential donors into real-life donors.

Click on 720p for full quality.

Here’s the 90-second one that gets more views, but only scratches the surface.

Click on 360p and switch to 480p for full quality.

The Inconvenient Truth on Clean Coal
This one attacked the “clean coal” myth from a new angle — even if coal burning could become clean, is there enough coal left to even bother? Made for the Post Carbon Institute to promote Richard Heinberg’s book, Blackout.

Why Transition?
Transition US supports those seeking to live a more sustainable life. This piece covers the history of fossil fuels, technological advances, petroleum consequences, peak oil, and how we can move through the next transition — in about two and a half minutes.
Click on 360p and switch to 480p for full quality.

Permaculture Course
Also made for the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center, this video was shot over the course of their two-week Permaculture Design Certificate course. The footage was cut down to the three minutes that got to the heart about what makes their program unique, while also introducing Pemaculture to viewers who are not familiar with the sustainability practice.
Click on 360p and switch to 480p for full quality.

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