Sometimes, you want to go viral. Satire can be a great way to grab attention of the masses and, most importantly, use their desire for silliness as a door to getting in your message.

Convenience Coma
Between all the places it was re-posted, Videojug film The Top 5 Laziest Inventions got over 2,500,000 views, and made each viewer consider their resource and energy consumption.

Stereotype Exploited
This piece is used to promote the Fellowship for Intentional Communities’ Art of Community conference. It relies on two comedic techniques: exploiting stereotypes and benign violation — getting uncomfortable and jarring the viewer’s comfort zone in a way that, after watching and reflecting, doesn’t seem that jarring after all. This effect encourages people to share, in theory. While initially controversial among board members, it is now seen as an effective piece that gives the organization a reputation for not taking itself dead seriously, as evidenced in this YouTube comment, “Love it. So great to see that Art of Community doesn’t take itself too seriously. Most small nonprofits would shy away from poking fun at themselves. Hats off to AOC!”

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