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Grassroots Virtual Campaigning
Our launch into the ballot scene — the bi-annual event where the decision-maker is actually we, the people — started in June 2010. Our out-of-a-studio-apartment-everyman campaign against Prop 16 lead to to the at-a-studio-lot-celebrity campaign.

David vs. Goliath:
One Million Strong Against Prop 16 w/ One Millionth the Budget of PG&E

Political speech no longer belongs to the highest bidder. A team with proper tools and time can use social media to reach the world just as easily as those who steal their customers’ money to wage political campaigns geared toward making them ever-higher profits. To beat this California monopoly’s ballot proposition, we created a story of Right vs. Might, Big Corporation vs. Real People, Money vs. Middle America… earned media knows a good story.

Our campaign, not keen to fight a flame thrower with a candle, decided to work around them by creating a good story to (as seen on KGO-ABC)¬†and create buzz. We pledged to spend one millionth of PG&E’s budget on a multi-way social media discussion, making our work seem as amateurish as possible, to convince one million voters to vote against it.

We won, ecstatic to be part of a team to garner the Best of the Bay Award, for winning a fight with the largest spending differential between the losing and winning campaigns in US history.

And the video channel that launched our campaign…

Lipstick on a Texas Oil Dollar – Prop 23 Goes Down

Here’s a new series of videos we did to help destroy Prop 23 – the Texas Oil powergrab hell bent on buying out CA government, all just to avoid fines for polluting and to kill their clean energy competition. Basically, Prop 16 redux.

By the time we were asked to come on – three weeks before the election – the oil companies had begun to back off, as poll numbers showed it was a lost cause. Thus, the question became, “How hard can we rub it in? How deep between the legs can a Texas oil baron’s tail go?”

We wanted to make sure the answer was, “So far that it’ll make them think twice before trying to buy out a state that’s determined to clean up their environment and move beyond fossil fuel addiction as a way of life.” We worked with a great group of activists and actor Benjamin Bratt for a quirky campaign, released just days before the election.

Background: Proposition 23 (and its nasty friend Prop 26) would suspend AB 32, Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. If enacted by voters, Prop 23 will freeze the provisions of AB 32 until California’s unemployment rate drops to 5.5% or below for four consecutive quarters. California’s unemployment rate, which currently hovers around 12%, has been at 5.5% or below for four consecutive quarters just four times since 1980. It would force green jobs to shut down or move out of state, effectively killing those jobs.

Follow The Money

Check this out: Blue flags are Yes on Prop 23 funders. Green flags are No on Prop 23 funders. See a pattern forming?

From KQED News. View the whole map here.

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