Why focus on policy?
While individual action is essential, the greatest impact we can have is through policy change. Cutting down on watering your lawn is a great start, but when you learn that 90% of water use is industrial…

Why video?
Video allows you to
• Package your 20-page summary document into a tight story
• Format your message into a medium more likely to be viewed
• Increase absorption of material by 100% (vs. reading alone)

A video can also be easily shared by policymakers to their the colleagues; you can send it to your organization’s members to show them solid examples of your efforts.

Why a video just for policymakers?
A video made directly for the policymaker you’re trying to influence saves an enormous amount of time, energy and money you’d spend asking your members to contact that policymaker for you, and even then, you have no guarantee that even a small percentage of them will act on your request.

Targeting policymakers allows you to
• Address specific concerns of the targeted policymaker
• Strengthen your relationship with the policymaker
• Forgo a campaign to ask supporters to contact the policymaker
• Focus the film on the issue, rather than trying to make it catchy and viral

As an organization with a strong base, a policymaker understands the people-power behind your message. Showing your video to the general public and encouraging them to share it with the representative can add even more voice to your message.

Why not just make a viral video for the public?
There’s no guarantee a video will go viral; very few do. Even if it goes viral, only a tiny percentage of its viewers will contact the policymaker, who may not be in that policymaker’s district as it is. Most administrations consider a private citizen’s message to have much less weight than a message from an organization with a solid membership.

Viral video is excellent for inspiring, getting the word out about an issue, and influencing voters.

Why do I need social media?
To get the word about the story you’re telling is often an essential part of the process.  If you’re trying to go viral, we help establish a plan of how to get the word out, from building a community for you, to creating the interaction your followers expect from you.

Why do you keep talking about stories?  This is serious stuff!
We’re not talking nursery rhymes. From Aristotle to Robert McKee, many have recognized that classic story structure does something to human brains that makes a case more convincing than using facts alone. Storytelling is a developed skill, a delicate mixture of language and pattern that is, by far, the most important element of a compelling video package.

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