Prop 23 Fail – Meme Team Attacks

Lipstick on a Texas Oil Dollar – Prop 23 Goes Down

Here’s a series of videos on just a week’s notice.  We did it to help destroy Prop 23 – Big Texas Oil’s power grab, hell bent on trying to confuse voters to repeal AB 32, the country’s most progressive climate change legislation… all just to avoid impending fines for polluting, and to kill their clean-energy competition.   We made one film for each major demographic affected by Prop 23, and another series serving as a summary of all the issues, starring the super cool Benjamin Bratt; his reputation helped us target Latino voters, whom had largely been ignored up to that point.

The idea was to use memes – internet video phenomena often repeated – to catch people where they’re already browsing on line. We ended up only having time to hit the Mac/PC meme and playing with the “I’m a Celebrity So Listen to Me” genre. We’d like to explore this idea further.

Proposition 23 (and its nasty friend Prop 26) would have suspended AB 32, Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. If enacted by voters, Prop 23 would have freezed the provisions of AB 32 until California’s unemployment rate drops to 5.5% or below for four consecutive quarters. California’s unemployment rate, which currently hovers around 10%, has been at 5.5% or below for four consecutive quarters just four times since 1980. It would have forced new green jobs to go bye bye or move out of the country, killing our strongest growth sector.

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